Reliably reach anyone via
their mobile phone number

Bulk SMS

Send a million messages with a single click via our robust web platform or APIs. Over 90 percent of messages are read within 90 seconds.

Two-way SMS

Send and receive messages globally, receiving replies directly via our web portal or webhook to your business applications.

Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS within your email application. Get started immediately by adding your company’s email domain.

SMS Features

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS enables you to quickly and easily send a single SMS to tens – or thousands – of recipients.

Two-way SMS service

Use two-way SMS messaging to send and receive replies, follow up on responses with ease, and track who has responded and when.


Web SMS allows you to send text messages from any computer that has an internet connection – no software required.

Dedicated mobile numbers

Build trust with your recipients by sending all your messages from a single number.

Automated SMS services

Turn a one-way message send into an engaging, automated two-way SMS conversation with your customer.

Short SMS link tracking

Shorten your URLs to 22 characters and track every interaction by recipient with an automatic SMS URL shortener.


Text-to-voice automatically converts text messages into voice, so your audience gets the message.


Don’t pay for undelivered messages. Clean up your database with lookups to remove invalid numbers.

SMS short codes

Create a memorable short code that’s easy for customers to recall.

Instant and timely engagement with your customers

Our SMS service gets the right message to your target customer groups in
real-time to achieve valuable business outcomes. Popular use cases include:

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Appointments
  • Billing and payments
  • Employee communiation
  • Competitions
  • Feedback and surveys
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Staff rostering

Tap into your customers' preferences

Customers now prefer to deal with businesses via mobile communications and texting is one of the most popular mobile activities today. Reach your customers the way they want to be reached.

  • 75% of millennials prefer text to calling
  • 70% of consumers prefer SMS as a contact method